Sweetpea Delivers

That once a week treat you know you always need.

It’s 11 o’clock and your tummy begins to rumble. But oh wait you’ve forgotten to pack your lunch. So you are sat there dreading the long walk to the shop to get the usual ‘chicken and bacon meal deal’. When all of a sudden you look out the window and you see us – the Sweetpea Catering Delivery Van. It must be fate! So you grab your money and decide to go treat yourself to one of our delicious hot lunches from our van. You have your favourite –  a lasagne, a slice of cake and a delicious smoothie. You can’t wait to tuck in and enjoy!

Tuesday: Melksham – Bowerhill & Hampton Business Parks
Wednesday: Chippeham – Bumpers Fram & Methuen Business Parks
Thursday: Devizes – Hopton & Roundway Business Parks

So the next time you are waiting for lunch or in need of a treat then look out for our Sweetpea Van. We will be loaded with a range of treats from homemade macaroni cheese to delicious hot pork baps. There will be something for anyone. We will arrive once a week to an office near you! Look out on our Facebook page Sweetpea Catering, our Instagram page @sweetpea_catering and our twitter page @Sweetpeawilts  for our weekly menu! Don’t forget to place pre-orders at bit.ly/2HjSqvq!

Remember all of our packaging is recyclable and biodegrade so please put us in the correct recycle bin! 🙂

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